Sustainability Report 6.0

The theme of our sixth annual sustainability report is Embracing Diversity. In the following pages, we highlight diversity in all its forms— product and place, innovation and services and very importantly, people and ideas. We draw together diversity and sustainability because we believe that to be a sustainable, best-in-class firm requires us to embrace the creative thinking of a diverse workforce.

at Hines
Means to Me
We asked members of the OneHines Diversity and
Inclusion Network to share their insights.
“Trusting, respecting and partnering with people from incredibly different backgrounds and functions—from building engineering to investment—who come together around a common purpose.”
Claire Thielke
Managing Director—
Investment Management
“Fostering respect and leveraging one another’s differences, prospering from varied experiences and points of view, and providing the opportunity for everyone to contribute, and be recognized for, their unique abilities.”
Dana Morrey
Vice President—Human Resources
“Keeping an open mind in hiring and promoting employees leads to diverse thoughts and opinions and makes Hines stronger.”
Jesse Carrillo
Senior Vice President,
Chief Information Officer
“Working with colleagues who are genuinely colorblind, and who are open-minded and flexible enough to accommodate various working arrangements, results in a rich and enjoyable professional experience.”
Velda Sosah
Managing Director—European Tax
“Differing backgrounds, cultures and creeds bring us diverse thoughts and ideas, which is what will keep the entrepreneurial spirit at Hines alive.”
Adil Noorani
Senior Managing Director,
U.S. Southwest Region
“Empowering my team to think outside the box and foster an inclusive culture that leverages every employee’s passion.”
Andrew Cooke
Vice President—
Property Management,
U.S. East Region
“Encouraging diverse thought and perspectives to solve challenges. This encourages creative thinking about opportunities that allows us to better serve our investors.”
Varun Akula
Director, U.S. West Region
“Embracing the broad range of backgrounds and perspectives of our stakeholders, and advancing these various perspectives, enhances the services we provide our clients.”
Sue Avila
General Property Manager,
U.S. East Region
Road map
Hines has established a diversity leadership committee to help oversee our priorities and set objectives. The following actions support our goals.
Set the intention and make it known
With our internal and external communications, participation in industry forums and public reports like this, we are stating that Hines values and intends to increase diversity in our workforce and leadership.
Ask questions and be open to new ideas
“Where should we recruit?” “How do we better connect our employees?” These are examples of powerful questions Hines can use to strengthen the role of diverse ideas and inclusion in decision-making.
Expand policies that support inclusion
Hines continues to explore where shifts in policies—parental leave, flexible work schedules and other practices—can unlock greater potential for inclusion, productivity and career advancement.
Build diverse leadership teams
Recruiting, mentorship and career development opportunities are among the ways Hines will be able to foster diverse, experienced teams serving in a broader range of roles and functions.
Evaluate our actions and progress
Hines is examining the criteria and metrics of leading diversity indexes. These frameworks, as well as other tools, allow us to evaluate our policies, measure our performance and report our progress.
Advance the conversation
By supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives and providing channels for conversations, Hines can help ensure all voices are heard.

Just as we seek to embrace cultural diversity, we are also adapting as an organization to better respond to market needs and global investment opportunities. In the chapter on Diverse Ideas, we highlight how Hines is harnessing the power of research, innovation and technology to stay at the forefront of real estate and investment management. We acknowledge our diverse investors—institutions and individuals around the globe who have entrusted Hines to create value and returns on their investment. And we present the diverse products and services that comprise our portfolio and operations.